Lowest Prices

We go the extra mile to save you money.
The Top Floor partners with multiple sources to ensure better product availability and competitive pricing options. We also source some items directly from manufacturers who offer various purchasing contracts depending on your organization’s location and type.

Since each contract and each source has different pricing for each item, The Top Floor explores all the options for you. For example, sometimes the laptop you want will be cheapest on one purchasing contract while the docking station or other accessories will be cheaper on a different contract, or through another source. The Top Floor takes extra time to search for each item through all our sources and on all the contracts you qualify for.

We offer you the simplicity of procuring all your technology through one vendor – The Top Floor – while knowing that you’re always getting the lowest price on every item. In fact, if we know you can find something at a lower price through another reputable vendor, we’ll let you know. We don’t overcharge you to make our profits; our business is successful because we instead focus on creating happy, repeat customers.

Peace of Mind

We make licensing cheap and easy.
Manufacturers may alert you when contracts or warranties are expiring, but some of these reminders get misdirected, sometimes you’ll forget to act on them, and overall it’s just complicated to remember all the various renewal dates of everything you own. The Top Floor will manage all your software license and hardware support contract renewals. We not only remind you when it’s time to renew, The Top Floor always gives you a lower price than the manufacturers themselves.

We also offer alternative licensing options, including:

  • Co-termination With contractual services like HP’s “Day 1”, we can consolidate all your hardware and software licenses into one contract with just one renewal date. These contracts also offer flexible payment schedules, so you can choose to make monthly, quarterly or bi-annual installment payments.
  • Subscription The Top Floor offers Microsoft Open Value Subscription and other subscription licensing options including cloud-based SaaS for many applications.

We are your free personal advocate. The Top Floor monitors your open orders to avoid stock or delivery issues. We contact our distributors daily to ensure your orders are prioritized, seek other sources when items are back-ordered, and track shipments to ensure timely deliveries. We also help with returns or exchanges if you’re not fully satisfied, and assist with warranty claims if anything goes wrong down the road.